3D Artist  position where my education, 3D experience, and leadership skills will
be utilized.


  • 3D Artist/Animator with proven ability to create completed 3D models
    efficiently and on time
  • Proficient in Maya, Motion Builder, and LightWave 3D
  • Ability to Layout and create shots as specified by Director or Story Boards
  • Working knowledge of Maya
  • Ability to adapt to newer software in a pipe-lined production environments


  • Maya
  • LightWave 3D
  • Motion Builder
  • Modo
  • Digital Fusion
  • After Effects
  • Adobe PhotoShop
  • Boujou


Dave School
Occupational Associates              July 2004-June 2005

  • Major:  Digital Animation and Visual Effects


Sony Computer Entertainment America
3D Camera Layout Artist                August 2010 – Current
Unreleased Title (Video Game 2012)
The Last of Us (Video Game Trailer 2011)
Uncharted 3 (Video Game 2011)
Infamous 2 (Video Game 2011)
Killzone 3 (Video Game 2011)
  • Used a real time virtual camera rig (InterSense) to create cinematic shots
  • Animated final cameras using Maya and/or Motion Builder
  • Animated props, vehicles, and added Motion Builder effects to scenes
  • Modeled, textured and did layout for scenes
  • Adjusted  Motion Capture animation
  • Prepped scenes for next department

The Third Floor Inc.
3D pre-visual generalist                March 2010 - August 2010
Jack the Giant Killer (Movie 2012)
Battleship (Movie 2012)
Journey 2 (Movie 2012)
Immortals (Movie 2011)
  • Modeled and textured 3D characters, sets, and assets
  • Animation of  Cameras per Storyboards.
  • Animation of scenes per Storyboards
  • Manipulated motion capture data for shots

Image Movers Digital
Directors Layout Artist/Generalist        March 2008 - March 2010
Mars Needs Moms (Movie 2011)        
Disney’s A Christmas Carol (Movie 2009)
Yellow Submarine (Unreleased full feature Movie)
Unreleased Title (Unreleased full feature Movie)
  • Modeled and textured 3D objects for real time in Motion Builder
  • Set up scenes to work in a pipe-lined environment
  • Rough 3D character animation
  • Worked with Director in specific placement of objects in scenes
  • Worked with Director for specific animation of Characters
  • Manipulated motion capture data to specific needs of the Director
  • Animated props to interact with characters
  • Worked on set to make sure the actual built set matched the Virtual Set
  • Prepped scenes for next department

Radical 3d
3D Artist /Freelance Artist                    January 2008 - March 2008
Animal Armageddon (TV series 2009)
Battle 360 (TV series 2009)
Dogfights (TV series 2007)
  • Animated planes according to actual events
  • Modeled prehistoric dinosaurs
  • Broke out Shots and Rendered them
  • Used Digital Fusion to Composite Renders

Virtual Art Department CG Artist             November 2007-December 2007
The Adventures of Tintin (Movie 2011)
  • Modeled and textured 3D environments
  • Set dressed virtual environments
  • Prepped Virtual Sets for Motion Capture

Radical 3d
3D Generalist                                            July 2007-November 2007
Dogfights (TV series 2007)
  • Animated planes according to actual events
  • Broke out Shots and Rendered them
  • Used Fusion to Composite Renders

Lightstorm Entertainment Inc. And 20th Century Fox
Virtual Art Department CG Artist            November 2006-July 2007
Avatar (Movie 2009)
  • Created 3D models for environments
  • Textured photo real environments
  • Placed 3D geometry in Virtual Sets for motion capture

Universal Studios
Freelance                                                  September 2006-November 2006

  • Designed, Modeled, Textured Buildings
  • Designed Floor Plans
  • Animated light sequences for buildings

Dave School
3D Artist                                                     July 2004-December 2005

  • Worked on organized teams to create multiple movie shorts in a production
  • Designed, Modeled, Textured, and Rigged characters
  • Used  After Effects to composite renders
  • Lead a team of character modelers to create characters from concept art
  • Lead a team of Animators to animate multiple shots
  • Worked with Motion Data
  • Animated, Modeled on X-Men-"Dark-Tides"
  • Modeled on "Runners"
  • Modeled on Batman-"New Times"
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